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Killing a man is killing humanism. I get killed every time human beings are killed.


“If You Kill One Human,

It’s As If You Killed All of Humanity”

(Al-Maida 5:32)

In a suicide bomb attack 95people have been killed and 195 injured in
Kabul Afghanistan. This massacre has taken place in the name of
showing the glory of Islam. Has this massacre turned all infidels of
the world to Islamic faith? Let God’s curse be on such jihadis as blow
innocent people to pieces by blasting bombs. My Allah and my Prophet
(PBUH) consider killing of one man as good as killing entire humanity.
Why then take the name of Allah and the Prophet and embark on a spree
of killing old, young, women and children so innocent? Why this

Have you not defamed Islam all over the world as the religion of
violence by committing acts of suppression and oppression, murders,
and tyranny? Have you not instilled the minds of people of other
faiths with fear and abhorrence for Islam and those who believe in it?
Can you convert a single non believer to Islamic faith by unlashing
terror as the so-called jihadis have done? Be assured that will never

You are rendering no service to Islam. You who want to or pretend to
spread Islam through the gun and bombs are in truth the biggest enemy
of Islam, Allah and our Prophet. You are detestable, hellish and
cowards; you are the worst enemies of the Holy Prophet who used to
pardon his enemies, who used to ask about the welfare of those who
were his tormentors. Just have a look at what you are. Do you deserve
to be called a man leave aside human being and a Musulman?

Pieces of bodies of human beings whom you kill with your bombs have to
be collected from houses tops, branches of trees, roadsides, walls and
other odd places. Even after placing all these pieces together the
body of the corpse is not reconstructed. Just imagine what will be the
pain and agony of the parents, brothers, sisters and close relatives
of the person whose body has been blown into pieces and they cannot
even collect those pieces. Do you ever imagine that the shredded
pieces of your victims were once the face, the eyes the hands of the
person which his near and dear ones used to kiss with affection at
some time? It is your bombs that shred them into pieces.

You are the enemies of humanism, of human beings and the future. You
will be damned and detested in this world and the hereafter,


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