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Gun is enemy of Kashmir and Kashmiris: Hashim Qureshi


‘During last two months at least two hundred youth have staked their lives’

Bandipora, Nov 21: Six militants lost their lives in an encounter with the security forces in Hajin. This event strengthens my statement that the gun is the enemy of Kashmir and Kashmiris, Democratic Liberation Party (DLP) chairman, Hasim Qureshi said.
“For quite some time pressure of security forces is mounting against the militants. During last two months at least two hundred youth have staked their lives. The point to be ruminated is what short or long rate benefit has accrued to the Kashmiri nation out of these sacrifices,” he said, in a statement issued to KNS.

In these clashes some Pakistani youth and also the youth from Pakistan occupied Kashmir have also laid down their lives. They were ales the sons of their fathers and mothers. We are deeply pained and agonized by these youth losing their lives. The people of Pakistan should mount pressure on their government that the youth should not be made victims of their political objectives. Many Pakistanis and Azad Kashmiris are lingering in the jails of India,” Qureshi said.
He said that during twenty-seven years of proxy war, “we have not seen any collective damage accruring to Indian security forces which normally happens to an occupying force in such fighting as in Vietnam and other countries. Our own people help the militants escape the security forces against a few lakh rupees. However there is more spying than support to the militants. Many militants are become victims of clashes with security forces. We the Kashmiris are being called terrorists. No Muslim country has shed a single tear on our pitiable condition.”
“Muslim countries are purchasing arms from America and Israel for finishing Muslim states and the armies of three countries are eyeing to conquer a noble country like Yemen,” he said.
“Geelani Sahib and Jamat-i-Islami leaders should take pity on Kashmiri boys. The youth should be saved for next war at a proper time. Salahu’d Din should also take pity on the parents of the Kashmiri youth and that community. As far as Hafiz Saeed is concerned, may God Almighty infuse in his mind pity for the Kashmiri youth,” he said. (KNS)


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