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The Unveiling Truth” P.B 1998 Written in 1991 about Disobedience Movement : WILL KASHMIR’S WIN FREEDOM THROUGH ARMED STRUGGLE? By Hashim Qureshi




There are innumerable ways of observing civil disobedience, strikes, traffic suspension, pen downs, boycott of Indian goods etc. That would deprive India of moral right of bullet for a bullet and at the same time hundreds of our young men, in the course of border crossing, would be saved from meaningless death. This would also save and protect the honor and modesty of our womenfolk. Above all this would win us the world opinion. These suggestions can be accepted only by such persons and groups as are operating inside Kashmir. I do not dole out this piece of advice to those who are fighting the war of others and under external instructions. I want to speak only to those who are committed to loyalty with Kashmiri nation. In particular, I address the Liberation Front which has been instrumental in placing the gun in the hands of Kashmiri youth in order to take away endemic fear from their minds. If the Liberation Front makes a dispassionate analysis, it will find that the gun cannot and has not guaranteed the freedom of Kashmiri nation. The Front is no more receiving the gun. Gun politics can in no way lead us to the destination we have set for our movement.

Therefore the Liberation Front should initiate civil disobedience movement for the survival and freedom of Kashmiri nation. Because of taking up the gun, the entire Indian nation has united to oppose our struggle. With reference to their relations with Pakistan, they find a rationale in opposing our armed movement. But in the wake of a civil disobedience movement, people within India dedicated to human values will voice their resentment against the oppression of Indian security forces. Apart from this, the members of minority community who had left the valley would also be induced to return to their homes. When they are convinced that the struggle is neither for religion nor for Pakistan but is a national liberation movement in letter and in spirit, they would also join it as nationalists. Political struggle will fill the vacuum created by 124 gun-wielding groups. It will also fill the gap created by giving divergent interpretations to the struggle and the sacrifices made by the Kashmir’s. In a situation of political struggle, even ordinary persons will be able to express their views and he will also have the sense of participation in the movement.

One important reason for the Americans to quit Vietnam was that the American public opinion considered American presence there as occupational. Fighting groups in Kashmir have described the masses of India as their enemies and in doing so they have not been able to convince them about their genuine rights, meaning the right to freedom.

Civil disobedience movement will initiate political process. Through courts of law and through exerting peaceful political pressures, we can protect the rights of arrested freedom fighters who are at the moment languishing in Indian jails and incarceration camps. It has to be remembered that protection of 50 or 60 arrested mujaheddin facing charges of murder cannot be possible without a political platform. Even the decision of launching civil disobedience is by no means an ordinary decision. But people dedicated to the cause of the national cause surrender to no distraction, and take the crucial decisions conducive to their attainment of the goals.

This will be a crucial and a hard decision. Either the people linked with ISI across the border or those in POK who sadistically watch the falling corpses of Kashmiri youth and molestation of Kashmiri women, will work as obstructionists in civil disobedience program. It is so because they derive their sustenance from keeping the pot boiling in Kashmir. The people in Kashmir should have no confusion in realizing that politicians in AK have no concern for the freedom of Kashmir’s. They just want to keep the pot boiling so that they are able to achieve some mundane benefits for themselves.

The same is true of AK people living abroad. Except for a handful of them, the rest are busy with their own affairs while AK politicians collect donations from the people to fill their coffers.. If Kashmir reverts to civil disobedience, they, too, will have to close their shops. International organizations invariably ask one question in connection with the freedom struggle of Kashmir. The question is: if you are fighting a national liberation war in Kashmir then why don’t you come out on streets against Pakistan? Why don’t you launch anti-Pakistan movement in AK? As long as intensive struggle for freedom does not take place in both the parts of Kashmir, the issue will not receive attention of public opinion on international level. International opinion is to be built through the video cameras.

(What I wrote and said in 90/91/92 and onwards, no body listen me? All the actors with ISI did propaganda against me because they used Kashmiri youth as scapegoats)


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