Home Articles segment from Upcoming Book ” Born a Rebel” ? By Hashim Qureshi

segment from Upcoming Book ” Born a Rebel” ? By Hashim Qureshi



“Gun is rejected by the entire civilized world. Even genuine freedom struggles are waged through peaceful means. I wonder first have we the required arsenal, that we can challenge India, and second, even if we have all the guns and ammunition, will we be able to settle the score with India through fighting? We should not forget the disastrous consequence of the 1990 armed struggle. It did not carry us anywhere. If we still retain 200 and odd guns, will this firepower bring Geelani Sahib’s Accession to Pakistan?

We were not able to win any support from any quarter in the world. The simple reason is that we did not plan and organize our movement as it should have been. After running our struggle for thirty years and having achieved nothing, is it not the time that we sit down and make deep introspection whether we are only to fill the graveyards with dead bodies or review what we lost and what we gained during past thirty years. It is not the way that anybody trying to suggest the future course of action that will bring us to some reasonable destination will be branded as a traitor or anti-movement, enemy agent or anti-Kashmiri. This is the era of information technology and nothing remains hidden.


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