Home Articles Some people consider China a friend of Pakistan (Article by Hashim Qureshi)

Some people consider China a friend of Pakistan (Article by Hashim Qureshi)


Some people consider China a friend of Pakistan. China is an atheist country and does not recognize the God of any faith. Xinjiang in China is a Muslim dominated region where anti-China movement is going on and it has been declared a terrorist movement. Uighurs from Xinjiang was receiving training in terrorism in Pakistani terrorist training camps. China reprimanded Pakistan for this and imposed a ban on fasting by government functionaries during Ramadhan month.
China is working on CPEC project. The corridor helps China extend trade to Gwadar seaport in Baluchistan besides giving her overland access to the Middle East. However the corridor is not bringing any benefit to the people of Gilgit and Baltistan, rather it is going to spoil the ecology of that region. It will adversely impact the glaciers in the region and this is the reason why the local population is opposing CPEC.
Today the international scenario is one that makes the world community call “Islam a terrorist religion.” Muslims are engaged in killing Muslims. Through media, we come to know how Muslim countries want to win a victory over other Muslim countries by butchering their own people.
Have any of these Muslim countries extended any help to Kashmir’s during the past thirty years of turmoil in Kashmir? No. Lip service is one thing and concrete help is another thing. At best, some countries say that they are with the stand taken by Pakistan. But what is Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir especially when she has illegally occupied a large chunk of Kashmir territory and cut it into pieces. Pakistan calls Kashmir its lifeline and the government of Azad Kashmir requires government functionaries to adhere to the stand of Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan if they want to retain their service in the government. Anybody fighting election in Azad Kashmir and aspiring to become a minister has to confirm his loyalty to accession to Pakistan. Even judges of High Court in AJK are required to be the subscribers of the policy of Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan. In my view, accession to Pakistan is tantamount to accepting Pakistan’s yoke of slavery.
About a hundred of Kashmiris have died in the on-going turmoil. Hundreds have been blind and wounded by pellet guns, tear gas shells and other lethal weapons. Not one of them is the son or ward of a politician, bureaucrat, doctor, engineer or professor or a business magnate. The victims are the sons and wards of poor daily wagers and petty shopkeepers for whom nobody cares. For last 26 years, nobody has taken care of a large number of orphans, widows and the destitute. There is no plan for their rehabilitation. This is the treatment meted out to the families of those who are asked to come out on the streets and make sacrifices of their lives or limbs.”


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