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Questions for “Hurriyat and other Handlers of so – Called freedom movement?


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I need to ask some questions that haunt every thinking person but owing to the fear of the gun and stone throwing youth and hollow slogans of freedom they dare not speak out in open. I will ask some questions here:

  1. Pakistan and Iran has reserved some seats for the wards of Kashmir martyrs in various professional colleges like Medical and Engineering Colleges. We want to know whether Hurriyat has recommended admission against these reserved seats in any professional college in Pakistan for the wards of the martyred Kashmir’s.
  2. How many women widowed during the freedom struggle have been extended support for remarriage by the Hurriyat or provided them with support for sustenance.
  3. How many educational institutes have been raised by the Hurriyat where the wards of our martyrs would receive education and how many children have been provided financial support to continue their education? Everywhere in the world communities have raised institutions to help the kids of martyrs to receive education in them. Ours is an exception.
  4. How many wounded people have been provided support by the Hurriyat as long as they were in the hospital and were receiving treatment there?
  5. How many kith of martyred youth have been provided source of sustenance or financial support on monthly basis.

6 Kith and kin of most of the martyred youth received support and sustenance from the government and the Hurriyat provided them only copies of holy Quran.

  1. Did anybody take care of the imprisoned and did anybody take the trouble of obtaining their release through simple ways.

8 Why was not martyred Afzal Guru given legal support as was the case of S.R. Geelani? Afzal Guru had complained about it in his last interview.

  1. Is it not a fact that Hurriyat split into three groups which wee indulging in in-fighting?

10 Did Hurriyat propose any long term programme for Kashmiris to reach the goal except calls for strikes?

  1. Isn’t our struggle confined to events and incidents only? In 2008 appeared the mass movement in the backdrop of Amarnath agitation. 2010 happened owing to the martyrdom of Wamiq Farooq andTufail Mattoo. The movement emerging in 2016 in the aftermath of killing of Burhan Wani ended up in stone throwing, strikes, waving of Pakistani and ISIS flags. What else did Hurriyat give to this nation?
  2. Has any civilized nation worked for closure of educational institutes and abandoned their homes to darkness banishing light. Can our students compete on international level after saying good bye to education? Are you not walking on the footsteps of Taliban in the matter of education?

13 Has Hurriyat ever thought that continued strikes in Kashmir do not have any impact on the economy of India especially when Kashmir imports everything from a hair pin to a bulldozer and from poultry to vegetables from India?

  1. Is it not a fact that by indulging in stone throwing and breaking private vehicles, their windscreens and windows etc. the fresh materials or repairing material again comes from India? Whose loss is it — of Kashmir is or of Indians?
  2. Have not calls for long strikes shattered the life and source of income of street vendors and daily wagers and have not they been reduced to a state of penury?
  3. Are not the owners of matadors, mini buses, and sumo taxi and auto rickshaws groaning under the heavy burden of bank interest on the loans they have taken to buy the vehicles and earn two square meals for their families? Have they any knowledge about the hoteliers and house boot owners who are under the burden of bank loans.
  4. By waving the flags of ISIS, Lashkar and Jaish-e-Muhammad have not we projected our present movement as a terrorist movement on international plat form?
  5. By waving Pakistani flags have we not proved to the world that the hand of Pakistan is behind this movement?

19 Gandhi ji’s movement against the British rulers turned violent in Calcutta where in an attack on a police station some policemen were burnt alive. Gandhi ji withdrew the movement saying he was leading a non-violent movement in India. Against this, our activists have attacked police stations, snatched rifles from policemen and given the movement the colour of a violent movement?

  1. Will not the present Intifada be adversely affected by indulging in violence in the course of the movement?
  2. Will 200 militants succeed in throwing out 7 lakh Indian force in Kashmir to make Pakistan? The on-going movement does not need militancy but non-violence. Peaceful movement will not give any justification to our oppressor to decimate our generation and the world will listen to us?
  3. By leaving entire Jammu and Kashmir and focusing this movement only on Kashmir valley what we are actually doing is that out of a total area of 84771 square miles of the State we have confined ourselves to just 8,000 square miles of the valley for 80 lakh people. A glance on the map of J&K which show us that we are concentrating only on a small point in this map?
  4. Have not mainstream parties’ added fuel to fire by striving to obtain self interests from this movement and thus given fillip to terrorism?
  5. What other option do we have except that of talking to the Indian Government? If the MPs of India come to our doorsteps to talk to us should we not talk to them and tell them about the oppression let loose by the security forces and put our stand before them. By declining to talk to Indian parliamentarians have we not given an opportunity to the Indians to propagate in the world that we Kashmiris do not believe in dialogue? By this attitude have we not silenced the voice of those in the Indian Parliament who would speak out our woes to the Indian parliament and the Indian civil society?
  6. In past 27 years, did we ever gone to Pandits, talked to them, owned them and helped them in their rehabilitation in Kashmir?

Handlers of this movement shall have to answer these questions today or tomorrow. Has not the slogan mongering of Hafiz Saeed and Salah-ud-Din and Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan given our movement religious and pro-Pakistani colour? How then are we justified to accuse the international community that their conscience is not pricked by all the oppression unleashed against us including the use of pallet gun that blinds the people outright? Today entire world is pitted against terrorism. Islamic countries are uniting to destroy terrorist bases. If they declare their support to you as you expect them to do, what face will they show to their own people?
The leaders of movement have to ensure that in the course of the struggle their gains are more and the losses of the enemy are also greater. What have we gained except destroying our people, undermining our economy and turning our educational institutions into ruins?

By forcing the security forces to destroy the EDI building, actually great damage has been done to the youth of Kashmir who were to learn skills in it and then support their lives and income. It was a channel of earning a livelihood for Kashmiri youth. In a prospect of India quitting Kashmir these structures and institutions would have served our student generations. These would have been our public property. Can anybody explain to me what benefit it brings to destroy these institutions? Why our people cannot distinguish between suicide and freedom struggle? Our civil society, our intellectuals, our religious leaders and our student community should stop giving an impression that we are carrying forward the agenda of terrorism and violence?

I am raising these questions because I feel the pain of ordinary people. I have seen a life of poverty and hunger; I have earned bread through hard labour and I cannot help raising these questions again and again. I have been castigated and poison was spread against me. But I have stuck to the great lesson of truth and care for the people at large taught to us by our Master, the holy Prophet (PBUH). I know that in this world of falsehood, truth and those who speak the truth both had to suffer maximum agony and torment.
Burn me alive, cut me into pieces, disseminate poisonous propaganda against me and killme by administering hemlock, I will not deviate from the path shown by Husain bin Ali. I will never leave the path of truth.

Hashim Qureshi

“Apne bhi khafa mujh se hain begane bhi nakhush
Main zahre hilahil ko kabhi kah na saka qand



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