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In response to KCSDS invite, UN chief’s office writes back ‘Secretary General appreciates your kind invitation, will be unable to accept invitation owing to prior commitments, pressing demands’



Secretary General of United Nations António Guterres has expressed his inability to visit Kashmir due to ‘pressing commitments’ after Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) urged him to get first hand information of the ground reality in the state.

“Secretary General appreciates your kind invitation. Regrettably, he will be unable to accept your invitation, owing to prior commitments and pressing demands already scheduled during his visit. Allow me to take this opportunity to convey his best wishes,” reads reply from UN Secretary General’s office.

In a communiqué addressed to Secretary General of UN, KCSDS had requested him to visit Kashmir to get first hand information of the ground reality.

“As you are visiting India at a time of grave crisis in the  disputed State of Jammu and Kashmir, the civil society—Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) considers it a great  opportunity to invite you to visit Kashmir to have a first-hand information and experience  of the ground reality of Kashmir and the ‘ordered and monitored disorder’  with the highest military concentration armed with AFSPA, the most draconian illegal lawless  law, which is presented as a natural  democratic order before the world community.”

“Your Excellency! The  gross human rights violations, crimes against humanity and the dire need to let the people of Kashmir  rights violations, crimes against humanity and the dire need to let the people exercise their right to self determination exercise their right to self determination has been comprehensively covered by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights  for which we will be eternally thankful to you though it came too late yet it is never too late as Kashmir, the paradise on earth, continues to smoulder and  burn,” the letter reads.

It states that there is “dance of death and destruction everywhere particularly in the valley of Kashmir”. Besides, Indian Government through its sponsored bureaucracy and its security agencies is on the rampage, plundering resources, taking decisions that further disempower indigenous people, in short, taking  illegitimate control of every institution in the state.

“So far there has been no affirmative action by the Government of India on the ground in response to your detailed report, as desired by the world body. Instead it has been in firm denial of any wrong-doing in Kashmir, flying in the face of hard incontrovertible  evidence and only clinging to the integral party mantra. You are aware of the fact how instead Indian government and its various agencies dismissed the report with disdain and arrogance of power and leveled allegations against your commissioner,” the KCSDS communique states.

“We greatly appreciate  your sticking to your guns and reiterating the authenticity of  the report not only by the former, Zeid Raad Al Hussein  but by the incumbent Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet and the owning of it  holistically by you  as  the report of UN  and not by a single person. We recognise and hugely appreciate the stentorian voice you have raised through this report for the suffering humanity in Kashmir. Your personal visit could be a great boost to the suppressed people and serve to confirm with greater vigour what  your office has already found out and is now  widely known.”

“Your visit could pressurise the Indian state to take affirmative action on the ground of Kashmir, put a stop to gross human rights violations at political, economic, civil, cultural and environmental  level carried through  unprecedented deployment of  military forces and its own delegated bureaucrats which is a new norm of people’s rule( democracy) in Indian Lexicon.”

“It is the longstanding issue on UN Agenda as it is committed to its resolution to the satisfaction of the majority of people in the state.  History has thrown this opportunity in your way to help in ending the most brutal and militarised occupation in the world history. Please take the opportunity and make it your moral passion to help us out of the brutal impasse in which we are caught. We hope you will accede to our request, accept our invitation and pay a visit to this blighted land  for serving the cause of human rights and eternal human values, right to self determination being the centrepiece of  dignified human existence.”

However, according to KCSDS, office of the UN Secretary General after acknowledging the response has regretted his inability to visit Kashmir, KCSDS has still mailed another letter this morning to the Secretary General appealing him for taking up K issue with Indian authorities.


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