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How to Identify Plastic Rice? Here Are 6 Simple Steps For You.


Plastic rice is out in the market and is an extremely dangerous product.

It is a really dangerous for your health and it s important that you know how to identify this rice from the normal one
So here are 6 steps which will help you identify this plastic rice
The Water Test:
Take a glass of water, drop a tablespoon of raw rice inside and stir it for some time.

and if the rice float at the top then it is considered as plastic rice, because rice doesn’t float on the water.

The Fire Test:
Take a hand full of rice and burn it using a lighter.

and see whether the rice releases the plastic smell or not.

Hot Oil Test:
Take some rice and drop them into very hot oil.

if it’s plastic rice, it will melt and stick together at the bottom of the vessel.

The Fungus Test:
After boiling the rice, put some of it in a bottle and leave it for 3 days.

if mold does not appear, then your rice is fake, Plastic rice will not grow mold in any weather conditions.

Boiling Test:
While boiling the rice, if it contains plastic rice it will start forming a thick layer at the top of the vessel.

6.Take a pound test:
Beat some grains of your rice with the help of a mortar or pestle.

Observe the color of the pounded rice. If the color is white, it is natural rice. It is fake rice if the color is yellow.


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