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Complex coronary angioplasties performed at SKIMS


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SKIMS authorities  today said that its  department of Cardiology , SKIMS headed by Prof Nisar Tramboo and Prof.Khurshid Aslam with the team of doctors has achieved another milestone of performing highly complex coronary angioplasties using rotational atherectomy with intravascular ultrasound guidance.

“Three patients who were recently admitted in the department with coronary artery disease {Heart Attack} underwent successful percutaneous coronary intervention using these techniques.These patients were found to have highly complex and calcified blocks in left main coronary artery and other major vessels on coronary angiography which pose a serious threat to the patient’s life and daunting challenge to interventional cardiologists,” SKIMS PRO said in a statement.

“Rotational atherectomy uses a diamond drill to modify hard and calcified blocks in coronary arteries and facilitates deployment of stents across these lesions which are otherwise difficult to tackle with routine angioplasty techniques,” it said.

“These procedures put our department at par with state of art cardiac centres globally as far as coronary angioplasties are concerned. Earlier the patients had to move out of the state and sometimes outside the country to get these procedures done. By making these facilities available locally, not only do we provide convenience to the patients, but we also cut down the costs drastically,” the statement said.


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