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Another Maqbool Bhat in the line of martyrs !!!- Article by Hashim Qureshi

"In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act”, George Orwell Sardar Arif Shahid did not use the title Sardar. Where to begin...

عارف شاہد کو کیوں شہید کیا گیا؟ (Article by Hashim Qureshi)

عارف شاہد کو شہید کیوں کیاگیا ؟ ًجس دھج سے کوئی مقتل میں گیا ،و ہ شا ن سلامت رہتی ہے ۔۔ یہ جان تو آنی...

Some people consider China a friend of Pakistan (Article by Hashim Qureshi)

Some people consider China a friend of Pakistan. China is an atheist country and does not recognize the God of any faith. Xinjiang in...

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